My name is Davide Franceschini, I’m a italian (Milan) VFX, 3D and 2D artist.

Together with my sister we are owners of Timecore Snc

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Timecore is a brand new company born between 2019 and 2020 when two brothers decide to combine their professional paths to undertake a new work process together.

The different experiences gained over the years by both enable Timecore to be a competitive reality on the market.
Ranging from exhibition and interior design, video and post-production, traditional and virtual graphics and much more.

The great attention to the quality of the service, the punctuality of the delivery times requested by the customer and the continuous assistance during all phases of the work, are the strengths with which the company stands out in the workplace.

Timecore Snc website: www.timecore.it
Contact: davide.franceschini@timecore.it

| Education and Training |

Diploma di maturità artistica conseguito nel 1998 presso il Liceo Artistico “Umberto Boccioni” di Arese (MI).

(1999 – 2002)
Diploma in Industrial Design conseguito presso l’Istituto Europeo di Design” di Milano.
Progetto di tesi sviluppato per la società “LEGO Italia”: Un gioco per bambini inferiori ai 4 anni.

(2004 – 2005)
Attestato al corso di 3D Studio Max (modellazione e animazione 3D) ottenuto presso “l’Istituto Europeo di Design” di Milano.

| Professional Experience |

(2001 – 2002)
Web DesignerNaima Studio
Durante il 3° anno di scuola ho collaborato con la Naima Studio.
Realizzazione siti internet, studio di loghi e pubblicità.

(2002 – 2006)
Web DesignerSowre Italia – Sowre Svizzera
In contemporanea alla preparazione del progetto di tesi.
Creazione cd multimediali, siti web realizzati in Flash e html.
Rendering 3D destinati alla pubblicità.

(2006 – 2007)
3D Graphic designerInfinity Studios s.n.c.
Modellatore e animatore 3D di ambienti, architettura e design.

(2007 – 2019)
Responsabile Area grafica e creativaViSo Video Solutions Srl – (www.vi-so.com)
Supervisore effetti speciali.  
Modellatore e animatore 3D: architettura, design e ambienti virtuali.
Logo animation, animazioni per spot televisivi e video aziendali.
Supervisore delle macchine di rendering per Virtual Set.

Together with my sister we are owners of Timecore Snc (www.timecore.it)

| Specializations |

Real-Time 3D Low Poly, Texture Mapping and UV Mapping
High Poly, Sculpting and Painting
Digital Painting 2D and Drawing
VFX (Green Screen, CG Multi-Pass), Motion Graphics and Title Design, Particle Systems and Dynamics, Camera Tracking 3D, Color Correction and Grading, Supervising Compositing and CG teams, On-Set VFX Supervision

| Software Skills |

Autodesk 3D Studio Max, ChaosGroup Vray, Autodesk Arnold Render, Autodesk Mudbox, Unity, Luxion KeyShot
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere
Imagineer Systems Mocha, Foundry Nuke
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

| Main After Effects Plugins Skills |

Red Giant Suite, Video Copilot Suite

| Main 3ds Max Plugins Skills |

Chaos Group Vray and PhoenixFD, Autodesk Arnold Render
Afterworks Sitni Sati FumeFX, RayFire Studios, Next Limit RealFlow 3ds Max

| Hardware Skills |

Technical hardware, creating and maintaining development machines
(workstations, render farm, virtual set, server)

| Awards and Recognitions |

These are all the awards and recognition received over the last few years

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Out of the frame, Painting – Beautiful Bizarre Magazine  – Facebook and Instagram page

Rat Project – Autodesk 3ds Max, Facebook cover image (600.000 Fans)

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Filippo Project
V-Ray Workshop Top 5
The best works chosen by V-Ray Workshop judges.

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Detective Project
Cover image of the Facebook page
Autodesk 3ds Max

Native Girl Tattoo and Lady Bird drawing
Juxtapoz Magazine Online

Babydoll (Emily Browning) – Sucker Punch Digital painting
Bizarre Magazine UK – Christmas 2013 – issue 209 (Xmas Special)

Camilla Project
Cover image of the Facebook pages
Autodesk Media & Entertainment and Autodesk Mudbox

November 2013 – Autodesk Artist Of The Month

Voodoo Doll Project
October 2013 – 3D Artist of the day. Published on 3D World, Creative Blog and 3D Artist Italia
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Breathless Project
Published on 3D Artist Italia

T51 Tricycle Project
July 2013 – Published on 3DTotal Galleries and rewarded with 3DTotal Excellence Award

Butterfly Gun Project
Published on 3D WORLD MAGAZINE for the 2013 April number
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Butterfly Gun Project
Published on 3D ARTIST MAGAZINE for the issue 53

Blade Project
Published on Computer Grafica Magazine for the issue 90