Timecore Maker Works
Timecore Maker Works
la cassettiera cover
La Cassettiera
woody stack logo
Woody Stack
sixty magnetic game
Sixty Magnetic Game
cover mininiki bw list
MININIKI Kids Wood Chair
venezia 2016 e1547653565218
Venezia 2016 – Digital Painting
studio ghibli instagram 2 e1547653691257
Studio Ghibli Oil Painting
totoro 08 e1547653745725
Il mio vicino Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
Duomo di Milano 05 e1547656090828
Duomo di Milano
Davide Franceschini the circus 02
The Circus
timecore e1547656560771
Flying flowers
Ravenscry – Alive
tattoo chiara 04 e1547656945785
Tattoo 2014 / 2015
Davide Franceschini Out of the frame e1547657028247
Out of the frame
the price of freedom is written on the wall 01 e1547657242929
The price of freedom is written on the wall
Davide Franceschini Dragonfly 02
Associazione Culturale Ohibò e1547712942715
Vernissage Associazione Culturale Ohibò
chiara 02 1
Chiara portrait